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It was a weird week. Uptown and in Brooklyn, and in many other places somewhat more remote, life went on as normal. I know, because I visited those countries and saw this with my own eyes. What was weird was that these other countries are so close—thousands of Recharge zombies would trek over the Williamsburg Bridge or up the avenues to visit friends who lived there with power, or they’d huddle around in a bank lobby or coffee shop with outlets… and a flushing toilet.

Power is restored to most of Manhattan now, meaning that my office is up and running again, and my November radio playlist is live and ready to stream. No, this playlist is not a collection of storm themed songs, or songs about making do without water, power, garbage collection, public transportation and our friend, the Internet. This playlist doesn’t reflect that storm, or it’s aftermath—it’s pretty much songs I added to my own pop category over the last 3 months, while I was on tour. I also added songs to other categories—new Brazilian stuff, no surprise there—but there isn’t enough accumulated there for a new playlist, not just yet. Included are some songs from Rodriguez, the subject of the recent documentary, “Searching For Sugarman”—worth checking out—and Coin Locker Kid, whom I’m sure is going to blow up in the press pretty soon.

The media’s attention this week has been divided between the aftermath of storm and the presidential election.  Many who were directly impacted by the storm feared they might not make it to the polls. I tried to get dual citizenship in time for the election, but it didn’t work out. I’m actually looking forward to taking the test.  I joked with friends that the citizenship questions are, “Where is Disneyland?” or, “Who is Snookie?” You know, things every American seems to be expected to know.

If, unlike me, you can vote, then please do so. I know, I know, it’s a fucked-up system. We should have gotten rid if the Electoral College system a long time ago, and the Super PACs and huge sums of money that are used to manipulate our opinions (and influence our elected officials) are simply obscene… but this is what we have right now and it’s better than what exists in many places. At least, I think it’s better than Russia, Ukraine and North Korea.

There’s a website called that helps you sort out local candidates, what they stand for, and how to get to your voting place. 


DAVID BYRNE (05/11/2012) 

Minneapolis—where Playing The Building is now installed at Aria in the Warehouse District.

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